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Alberta, Canada


Tel: 780-441-5655

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Freelance Copywriting Services

My background in human resources lends understanding to the way that individuals and teams work, engage and receive communication.

I am adept at 'reading the room', so-to-speak, in order to determine what approach will work best for your 'one reader' - a concept that we will explore early in our work together - in terms of language and tone.  

I love what I do. No - I love what I do. 

I value my clients and consider myself responsible for the care and maintenance of their personal brand and style. That means I write using your 'voice' wherever possible.

Working for kick-ass brands is something I take seriously (but not so seriously that we can't have FUN)! 

When you entrust your business copy to me, you can be sure that I will take an interest in your success by educating myself about your area of work.

The quality of your customer-facing copy is my top priority.

pushing the envelope

I work hard to keep my mind open and expanding - so you won't scare me with profound subject matter or polarizing viewpoints.


Helping your audience leave their comfort zones behind while delivering content that is thought provoking and eloquently delivered  is my definition of flow.