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You bring inspired wisdom to those in need of direction. You are unbound by convention - because you know what works. You are the catalyst, potentiating transcendance beyond limitation. Helping others cultivate, within themselves, resilience and discernment from a place of authenticity.
You are the business strategist, the public speaker, the life coach, the healer. 

You Need A Copywriter


  • Your time is best spent helping people

  • You want to broadcast key messages to build trust with your audience

  • You have more ideas than time

  • You need your voice to come through when articulating your ideas and approach

  • You know what you want to say, but struggle to get it down on the page

  • You need copy that converts – letting you reach a wider audience

  • You want to connect with intention without sounding brash

  • You can do anything, but you can’t do everything


I was inspired by words and ideas even before I learned to read.


As a child, I clung to lyrics, phrases and expressions that made me feel joy, passion, or pain – often to the puzzlement of those around me.

I have been surrounded by influencers for as long as I can remember. From my early years as the daughter of a specialized educator and public speaker, to my own journey into myself when nothing else worked.


I became a student of personal development, self actualization and spirituality the way many of us do - out of necessity.  I now credit the best parts of myself to the influence of expert career and spiritual coaching, as well as applied philosophy.

My deep reverence for the work that you do means that I’m living in alignment with my passion when I’m bringing your impactful insights to the people who need it, through the written word.

I'm honoured to support your mission.


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Partner, Burst Energy

"I am continually impressed with the content writing that Deana produces for our company. Her diligent research into our specific market and needs really shows through in her work. Whether it is editing, proof reading, news articles, or special releases Deana always delivers exactly what you asked for!"


Partner, Burst Energy

"Deana has provided Burst Energy with exceptional work time and time again. She has the incredible ability to articulate a complicated idea to the general public. We have been impressed with her quick turnaround time and the skill, talent and professional manner in which she writes. We would recommend her to any company!"


CEO and Chief Commissioner

Appeals Commission

"...We wanted to thank you for your support in the editing and writing of this project. Your work has exceeded our expectations and we hope to work with you again in the future."


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